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Education Programmes

Education will play a key role in providing the necessary current and future human resource required for the planned development and rehabilitation efforts Read more…

Agriculture Programs

Food security remains the core concern to many families in the South Sudan, The post referendum period should actually be devoted to the rebuilding of the livelihoods of the people of south sudan. Read more…

Health Programmes

The institutional Goal of PRDA is to contribute positively to the reduction of Maternal and infant Mortality rates and reduce the enormous incidences of morbidity related problems in pregnancy to the women in the South Sudan Read more…


A Relief Project

The effect of the civil war has continued to affect different aspects of the society, for instance in 2009 the Pochalla community experienced partial drought and the World Food Programme dropped food for the suffering people in November 2009.The people of this area have been affected by different types of calamities ranging from drought, perennial poverty and armyworms which destroyed all the crops planted by the farmers who had no ability or skills to combat or prevent the invasion by the armyworms. The result has been disastrous as farmers were left simply with nothing and not even any further seeds to plant again. Pochalla is one of the marginalized areas in the Sudan and in fact most of the organizations are not willing to work there.

Following the painful experience this area went through, PRDA sourced funds from her partners and was able to get support from PDA for that purpose and consequently rolled a relief project as an intervention for the area and the goal of the project was to strengthen food security as well as improving and intensifying agricultural production and to improve the economic welfare of the poor and vulnerable community in the Pochalla County. This project was designed to serve and supply them with the necessary agricultural input to benefit 6,045 vulnerable farmers’ head of the households and improve their farming techniques by providing access to agricultural extension services to the vulnerable farmers whose majority is made up of women head of families.

Uror Project

Uror Project

Thte main goal is to improve the livelinoods of the people of the people of Uror county through a two pronged approach; improved food security and establishment of income generating activities.
Read More About Uror Project…


Maiwut Project

Maiwut Project

Maiwut community based agriculture program (MCAP) addresses income and food security it is also key in building of local authority and the local community
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Leer Project

Leer Project

The program impacts positively to the reproductive health of the women in the community by trining qualified midwives and reducing the maternal mortality
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Akobo Project

cornfieldAkobo Project

The program has intergrated both agriculture and health aspects of the community in the region addressing both primary health care issues and food security
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Pochalla Project

pochallaPochalla Project

The Pochalla Community intergrated program has the componenets of Agriculture, Health and Education and has been operational since November 2012
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Director Statement

Rev. James Makuei Choul

Over the years, PRDA has been involved in the provision of humanitarian services targeting the impoverished and disenfranchised people of South Sudan,. In this respect we have carried out several interventions to either improve the lives of the affected communities or highlight their plight to both local political leaders and the international community. PRDA engaged in interventions of fighting for the rights of the marginalized, the neglected, the discriminated and education for all. On behalf of PRDA Staff and on my own behalf therefore, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to our site which will review the activities PRDA has and envisions to undertake in the future.

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