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Rev. James Makuei Choul

Over the years, PRDA has been involved in the provision of humanitarian services targeting the impoverished and disenfranchised people of South Sudan,. In this respect we have carried out several interventions to either improve the lives of the affected communities or highlight their plight to both local political leaders and the international community. PRDA engaged in interventions of fighting for the rights of the marginalized, the neglected, the discriminated and education for all. On behalf of PRDA Staff and on my own behalf therefore, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to our site which will review the activities PRDA has and envisions to undertake in the future.


The Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) is the Relief and Development arm of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS). It is legally registered both by the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SRRC) and the Kenyan Government as a Charitable and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

The Organization operates in Juba the capital City of the newest Republic of South Sudan and the Upper Nile region in South Sudan and runs programs including health, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Education, grass-roots peace and women empowerment. PRDA receives funds from various donors locally and internationally and collaborates with many partners especially during its program implementations.

During the civil war, PRDA, like the other humanitarian organizations operating in South Sudan, initially had relief based interventions by providing relief services to the needy war ravaged population. In that war scenario, projects were designed to meet specific needs at particular time and place. This aspect of intervention approach was indeed quite relevant during the turbulent unstable war situation.

But nevertheless at the dawn of the signing of the comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in the approximately last five years, and subsequent independence of the South from the North a relative stable and peaceful environment has obtained in and around all development humanitarian organizations working in South Sudan with several undergoing some reorientation and transformation in order to design long-term and relevant programs that would address both the reconstruction, rehabilitation and development needs in the post war era. Indeed, PRDA has been constantly involved in developing five year Strategic Plans aware of the benefits that accrue to the strict observance of institutional strategic plans. Indeed, since peace agreement was signed and referendum held, we have successfully implemented our strategic plan despite the fact that the plan.

Financial support towards PRDA Programmes

The financial support for PRDA programmes is mainly from both church related institutions and other humanitarian partners. During the past financial year, PRDA was supported by PDA/PCUSA, M21, IMC/BSF, Trinity, NPA and other local and International donors

Implementation of programmes

PRDA is currently implementing Agricultuure programme, Health Programme, Education Programme and Emergency Relief Programme . The Health Programme includes Water and Sanitation project.

Organizational Sustainability

The Institution has been over the years faced with perennial cash problems since there has been over dependence on donor funding. Management is putting in place ways and means to sustain the activities of the organization with the following being some of them:

  • Organize financial resources through fundraising activities
  • Develop conference and recreational facilities at Juba
  • Construct an institutional office block wit rental facilities to outsiders


In conclusion, we wish to thank the Board members for their untiring commitment to ensuring that PRDA becomes an effective service provider. We also thank partners/Donors who have been supporting PRDA programmes over the years. Finally, but not least, we would also like to thank PRDA staff continued dedication, commitment to service of humanity.


Rev. James Makuei Choul

Executive Director,PRDA


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