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About PRDA


Since PRDA was established in 1993 it continues with its ORIGINAL mission to offer hope and provision of development opportunities to the people of South Sudan following years of war and neglect. The institution’s concentration has largely been in the provision of basic support systems such as food security, water and sanitation, and healthcare.

It is noteworthy to point out here that the year 2010 culminated into the holding of the historic referendum whose outcome  ended up being the cessation of South Sudan from Sudan. During the current year PRDA improved on its delivery capacity to consolidate programmes in Agriculture, Health, Education and Emergency interventions in the Republic of the South Sudan.


Apart from the on-going programmes such as the Uror Agriculture and sanitation Programmes, Maiwut Agriculture Programme and Leer Midwifery training, the year 2012 saw a greater participation of PRDA in the development and emergency intervention activities.

 During the year under reference, we carried out the development of a partnership between PRDA and the Uniting World Church (UWC) for supplementation of the Leer Midwifery Training School project in the Unity State besides the traditional ones such as the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance(PDA) of PCUSA who aided Pochalla Emergency Relief project in Pochalla; the PRDAIMC BSF program me which supplements among other things PRDA staff; Mission 21 who support the training of the agriculture extension workers.

This report seeks to highlight each of the major areas of our interventions in South Sudan and to explore further ways for future direction and appropriate intervention in possible future challenges that may be encountered. Over the years, PRDA as such has mainly been involved in the provision of humanitarian services in the areas of Health, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Education and Emergency Interventions to the suffering communities in the South Sudan initially with emphasis in Upper Nile as the development wing of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan (PCOS). As a matter of fact, PRDA has supported the people of the South Sudan throughout the civil war till today. All this was made possible by the unwavering support the institution received from her international partners without whose support it would indeed have been an uphill task and that of the GOSS besides that by the local community and PCOS.


It is noteworthy to draw your attention to the fact here that during the year 2012 the institution saw increased aspects of Humanitarian needs and emergency interventions and indeed our partners ably supported us during this challenging period of emergencies occasioned by insecurities abounding in the area besides their normal development efforts in Agriculture, Health and Education. Notably, the Humanitarian interventions undertaken during this period include among others the Pochalla emergency relief, and the Pieri-Pibor. These emergency interventions were necessitated by insecurities that engulfed the affected areas and also the dire need for basic livelihood tools and inputs in the affected areas.


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