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Akobo Health Programs


PRDA contribution in health commenced by starting to implement a Primary Health Care program in Akobo County, Jonglei State with effect from 2003. Initially, the programme was integrated, having Agriculture as the other component that addressed the food security issues in the County.


The Program focuses on the provision of Essential Primary Health Care/Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services through the Hospital located at Akobo Township and through 4 clinics spread out in the East of Akobo County. Akobo County has a population census of 140,296 people and the health program targets 30,000 (mothers and Children).

Akobo Hospital is a fully fledged hospital currently managed by International Medical Corps (IMC) and GoSS. It attends to Outpatients as well as the Inpatients and has a bed capacity of 50 with bed occupancy rate (BOR) of 80%. Annually all the facilities combined attend to approximately 6,000 inpatients, 200 deliveries and 70,000 outpatients. The disease prevalence rate as reflected by Health facility records indicate that, respiratory infection prevalence is 21%, suspected malaria 30%, eye diseases 8%, intestinal parasites and STDs both 7% and other ill health conditions make the remaining 34%.


For proper investigations and confirmation of provisional diagnosis of these cases the Hospital is well equipped with a laboratory and a modern X-ray Machine and a Medical Officer/Surgeon ensure that quality Health Care Services are delivered. Other services provided range from Outpatient Services (OPD), Antenatal Care (ANC), Delivery and Neonate Care, Inpatient Services, Voluntary counseling and testing for HIV (VCT).

Pic 2: Akobo Program Supervision by the Health Field Manager

The Hospital through IMC formerly received funding from BPRM/UNHCR and currently are supported by the GoSS funding through IMA that comes to the end by December 31st 20013. The 4 Primary Health Units (PHCUs) managed by PRDA through a funding from BSF came to an end on December 2012 and are receiving a limited funding from the Government through Nile Hope that also shall expire on 31th December, 2013.

PRDA Health Program has a workforce of 32 staff in the County managing the 4 Primary Health Units and IMC currently has 48 staff employed at the Hospital.

The Health Program has improved the health status of the members of the community and increasing the accessibility shall even increase the anticipated impact by ensuring that;


  • Disease burden is reduced
  • community participation in developmental activities is increased
  • Capacity of the staff and the community members is enhanced.



Future Plans


The Akobo Hospital is now a referral Hospital in this region and has assisted in treating many victims of clanic animosity that has been common in the past few years. The Hospital physical facilities shall need improvement and equipped with the modern medical equipment to cope with the increasing number of patients to this Hospital.

PRDA has been managing 4 Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs) that are located in three Payams of Dejok, Nyandit and Bilkey. In Dejok we have Delule PHCU and in Bilkey, Old Akobo (Alale) PHCU. In Nyandit Payam are located Burmath PHC and Meer PHCUs. The Health Facilities’ coverage is limited and PRDA suggest construction of two more PHCUs in the East Akobo. Although the clinics were in 2009 upgraded from grass-thatched structures to semi-permanent, urgently need permanent structures that will improve the service provision environment.

The building of the Community local capacities is going to be the only sure tool for future sustainability of this program and PRDA shall be concentrating more effort in this area.

The program in the past got funding support from various partners (ICCO, EED, BSF, PDA, GoSS and IMC) and currently PRDA is pressing hard to solicit for future funding from our partners and friend to enable the achievement of the set program goals. The last substantial funding solicited from BSF was USD 214,000 in 2011 provided by stable funding to this program is vital for it will guarantee future program implementation process at the grassroots level.




The health of the community if enhanced shall enable them to participate fully in the development activities of the Country.

The Health services provided to the community are currently limited and insufficient. The program shall need to be expanded in terms of access and in the improvement of the quality of the services provided. It is therefore apparent that the building the capacities of the staff as well as of the community members is a sure way of preparing the community for the sustainability of the health program.

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