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Education Program

Owing to the civil war, several infrastructural facilities in the South Sudan broke down and education indeed was the most affected with the challenge of a vast majority of uneducated youth. The post referendum period calls for concerted effort by the government of South Sudan, Development partners, Local and international NGOs towards the development of this sector. Education will play a key role in providing the necessary current and future human resource required for the planned development and rehabilitation efforts and activities for the new republic. Indeed, PRDA has continued to forge ahead with its partners to ensure that primary education is provided to the now settled communities including returnees into the regions. Needless to emphasize, several proposals have been floated to various development and partner organizations to support this critical part of our humanitarian activity.

In this regard PRDA has with the help of Trinity Presbytery, PCUSA constructed three classrooms of the Shalom Bor School and virtually complete except for finishing work. Nevertheless, the School is operational in its present state to benefit many returnees to this Bor location. The purpose of this project is to directly benefit the 100 children who are already attending school and those who are at home. Majority of them are expected in year 1 and year 2. The project will not only provide education for the children in the area but also create employment opportunity for six local teachers. Besides, when children of different communities mix up and are taught together, they will realize that living in peace and harmony is important for education and development. The school will also form the avenue for parents from different communities to meet and discuss about peaceful co-existence which will inevitably lead to development. Besides the Bor School, there is also another basic school in Korway Payam of Pigi County, constructed through the support of still Trinity Presbytery, PCUSA in 2006.

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